As the largest frozen food logistics service provider in the UK, we offer customers large and small, day one for day two, 7 days a week into major retailers, as well as an un-rivalled foodservice distribution network. As the supply chain continues to evolve we will work smarter, faster, leaner and better for the environment to continue to fulfil our client’s needs.

Ability to deliver on time and cost effectively

  • 12 locations totalling 365,000 pallet sites throughout the UK
  • Reducing food miles and empty running
  • Over 300 vehicles to suit all needs, we are not reliant on third parties
  • Fully integrated best in class warehouse management system

Efficiency to aid time and reduce costs

  • Cold store network proficient routing of stock
  • Latest equipment throughout
  • Cost effective, streamlined systems
  • Sustainability goals achieved
  • 24/7 opening

Visibility and control

  • Bespoke online information system via NetStock
  • Streamlined transparent service with client in control
  • Info provided as if stock in your store
  • Vehicles tracked via satellite, Track & Trace on all movements
  • Transact or issue instructions on-line
  • Provide data or graphical reports

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Industry leading customer service making customers lives easy

  • Focus on building a long term working partnership
  • Exceptional service levels, irrespective of client size
  • Centralised customer service with dedicated point of contact
  • Flexibility to cope with peaks in customers business
  • Full KPI data provided