What is YGPOD?

Proof of delivery made easy. YGPOD is an electronic proof of delivery in a digital format that will replace traditional paper delivery notes. YGPOD saves times, increases accuracy and prevents disputes involving lost or damaged notes.

How does it work?

Personalised log in for each driver and delivery route

Real-time tracking including arrival and completion times

A full list of products with the option to amend before POD generated

Signature captured and proof of delivery sent to a nominated email address

YGPod empowers the supply chain, providing complete transparency throughout the entire process. Its key functionality includes:

  • Vehicle Checks
  • Electronic POD Signature Capture
  • Stock Visibility
  • Reasons for late Arrival
  • Reasons for delivery and collection errors
  • Photographic capture
  • Routing
  • Messaging / Notes
  • Driver Re-Planning

Frequently Asked Questions

If products are missing or different to what we ordered, what happens?
The driver is able to amend/rectify all products and quantities before you sign for the delivery
How do I get an electronic proof of delivery?
Once the driver has completed the delivery an automated proof of delivery (pdf) will be emailed to your nominated email address(s) with a digital signature
Will we still receive paperwork from the driver?
Paperwork is being phased out and our aim is to eliminate paperwork completely in 2018


  • Real time track and trace
  • Produces automated delivery notes
  • Eliminates paperwork and reduces delivery disputes
  • Improves efficiency and accuracy